By providing a gentle soft training load on the deep muscles and ligaments in and around the joints, wellbe's soft shoes can stabilize joints.

wellbe is a young, efficient and innovative company in the middle of Europe.

The company was founded in 2014 and since then has been pursuing the goal that you too can live healthier and fitter for longer!

In addition to the independent creation of soft shoes, our tasks also include the development and implementation of the appropriate marketing concepts and the training of national and international partners.

With two established active shoe brands, the wellbe team has already been able to inspire 1 million customers, as well as graduated sports scientists and over 1,000 shoe retailers in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Spain and Belgium during the last few years.

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Our current wellbe team has always placed a high value on the successful use of the world's first active shoes.

The know-how of our employees about the properties of active shoes, developed through many years of experience, shapes the philosophy of wellbe today.

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