Advantages and benefits of wellbe©

Immediate pressure relief in joints

wellbe - the soft shoes are ultra light, soft comfort shoes with easy and gentle activity in the muscles.

The new outsole technology of these activating shoes is "Made in Germany" and is based on the technology of "rolling shoes on mat principle".

Its users step directly into a soft elastic mat sole perfectly shaped by shoe orthopedists.

This has immediate and long-term benefits: immediately the ultra soft tread takes the pressure out of all joints and from the 2nd week muscles and ligaments in the feet, ankles, knees, hips and even into the back can stabilize.

The patented outsole instantly massages and exercises your ligaments, fascia and foot muscles, adapts naturally to all foot shapes with its soft elasticity. Its soft-soft foot roll can prevent inward buckling, guides you perfectly step by step over the outer part of the foot, and leads you to the next step through a soft-soft transverse arch support over the big toe.
In this way, you walk as if on soft sand. This is very close to a "perfect step," as orthopedists envision it.

"Trampoline effect" gently trains on

This way wellbe achieves a gentle blood circulation in the veins and trains you up slowly but effectively in the deep muscles and the ligamentous apparatus.

Like on a trampoline, you achieve a FIVE-dimensional workout that very gently stresses but effectively reaches the joint-stabilizing, fine muscles and ligaments in your feet, knees, hips and back.

the all-around well-being (h)feeling

The soft PRO-BIOMECHANIC outsole of wellbe impresses above all with its gentle support of the longitudinal arch in the inner area. Thus, the foot comes step-by-step in a perfect on, through and roll off. The super soft and stretchy wellbe "stretch leather" guarantees you the absolute "softest shoe in the world all around" in some premium class models!

wellbe produces in highly modern CO2-free factories in Asia but also within the European Union. Handmade for highest demands.

more quality of life

wellbe - the soft shoes offer both soft comfort and sufficient movement. They gently strengthen your muscles and give you a fresh quality of life. So you too can live healthy + fit for longer.

The wellbe shoes have a preventive effect on heel spurs, hallux valgus, foot problems such as flat and splay feet, arthrosis, knee or hip pain, but also on the development and activation of muscles from head to toe. With every "perfect step" through the unique patented wellbe outsole you get increased blood circulation. wellbe acts like a "vein pump", which promotes blood circulation in the veins very well, even in combination with compression stockings.

For example, FAGUS, Europe's largest manufacturer of comfort shoe lasts, has made us the most suitable lasts for European feet.

Thus, wellbe - the soft shoes! fit most Europeans perfectly, while at the same time offering them sufficient room to move in the forefoot and are snug in the heel area.

live healthy + fit longer

We at wellbe have written the word ANIMAL PRO TECTION very big in our "vegan collection". Here we do not use any animal products. But also high-quality cowhide leather as well as the innovative new "stretch leather" offer all customers in the premium class optimal products.

The patented wellbe outsole and the gently soft insoles provide the unmistakable wellbe "feel(h)good". In addition, our shoes are water resistant and conditionally resistant to acid.

Due to the soft wellbe rolling aid, pronation to the inside can be prevented in most cases. The width of our European shoe lasts also counteracts supination to the outside.

A correct rolling on and off

of the feet is thus optimized even without insoles. Our load and relief tests revealed astonishing values in the area of the impact of forces on the body. wellbe does not spontaneously load and relieve in a jerky manner, but carefully and very gently, so that every step is a "feel-good" for the entire body.

The bottom line is that wellbe - the soft shoes! can be used immediately all day long in almost all professions, in leisure time as well as in sports .

wellbe outsole promotes human health

wellbe- the soft shoes can help with problems with joints in foot, knee, hip, back or vein problems because of its unique soft elastic outsole.

Hundreds of medical professionals now also recommend wellbe's outsole because of its great therapeutic results. Several successful physiotherapists, shoe orthopedists, pharmacists, health trainers and orthopedic footwear professionals use wellbe's soft shoes with its outstanding functionality for the purpose of training and therapy for foot, knee, hip, back problems as well as to promote blood circulation for vein problems.

Our outsole has now been combined with footwear for 5 years to create great and fashionable shoes, which means that many young people are now using the soft shoes as a preventive measure.

You can find more information about documentation and therapy successes on facebook, on the internet as well as through wellbe Deutschland GmbH, through our specialized dealers such as medical supply stores, shoe orthopedists. Physiotherapy practices and pharmacists.

Have fun and success with wellbe.

Stay healthy+fit ! / local dealer

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